Action Fighter


actfightt.png actfightg.png

Publisher Author Version(s) Year Media Genre  ST  STE Falc  TT 
Core Design

1 floppy  Shoot, skill



Known limitations:


STT image of org. - works with HxC

ST Floppy image  Works with Floppy Image Runner.

Comments of visitors:

CPeqAaVWH4Sb wrote on: 14. May 2016, 14:37

Unlplaareled accuracy, unequivocal clarity, and undeniable importance!

aNg6HSVO8 wrote on: 12. Feb 2016, 01:16

I sold all of my 5.25" floppies and my PC Jr. more than a decdae ago. I do still have some 3.25" floppies and a USB floppy drive laying around though. I miss the BASIC cart though

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