African Raiders


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Publisher Author Version(s) Year Media Genre  ST  STE Falc  TT 
Coktel Vision
1988 1 floppy  Race



Known limitations:



ST Floppy image  original's copy. Min RAM 512K.IR+ . HDI .

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G2NbxaoQDkM wrote on: 11. Feb 2016, 22:39

Hello Phra Ajahn,I feel sorry for those who criticized about shtimoeng. By going somewhere trying to impose their questions to listeners are arrogant! There is a saying what you don't like on others, also what you don't like in youeself.It's sad that they don't know the real purpose.I hope we all should try to alleviate the suffering we're going through now.Krab Phra Ajahn.With High Respect,Sileela

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