Magic Boy   screenshots, download

magicbt.png   magicbg.png  magicbg2.png  magbw2.png   magbw22.png


 Very nice platformer with good anim, music. Not hard, good for kids.
  TOS independant. Joystick, keyb. control.

Log:  Packed partially, fixed audio DMA issues on Falcon and TT. Launcher with RAMtest, MSTE, Falcon, TT settings. Runs with 1MB or more RAM, with Gamex too. Photochrome pic conv. of coverscan. Trainer option. Cat: M5FI .

Download -  1MB RAM enough. Works on ST, STE, MST(E), Falcon with PP drivers, Hddriver, AHDI. Works not with RAM-eating configs  :-)
Download RAMdisk version, 2MB min with Gamex
Works on ST, STE, MST(E), Falcon, TT  . Any hard disk driver, or even from floppy.