Son Shu-Shi  screenshots, download

 sonshut.jpg  sonshug.png

Quality platformer.

 Technical: TOS indep. Joystick control.
  Unfortunately, there is no good source for this game. Only available is 'Terminator kid' crack, in few little different versions. Crack self is good only for TOS 1.62. On other TOS versions game will stuck at ending level 1. I fixed that problem, and HD adapt works under any TOS v.  But floppy 2 images are corrupted. There is 3 different available online. As I tested none is flawless. I took image where level 4 is OK. Further levels did not reach, so can not say about them.
What is wrong in here used floppy 2 image is Secret Passage - what likely leeds to shop, and what is necessary fos progress in game.
Hints for playing, important !  :
Most players will be struck by how difficult it is to play. However, much depends on how the game is approached. If the player rushes through each level then the default weapon quickly proves to be underpowered. Each level should be thoroughly explored to discover hidden rooms (shooting likely locations will reveal the doors) and all the gold pieces collected. Buy weapon upgrades at the shops and remember that two of the bosses require special weapons to defeat. The ice boss can only be defeated by the Heart of the Dragon weapon and the final boss by the Trident of Neptune. As these weapons cost plenty the only way to progress is to collect lots of coins.

If someone can find non-corrupted image files for this, or better making Pasti images from original floppies, please do it for community. I will not remove this title from site. It is playable & likely not finishable ... But may help to motivate some people in finding flawless version of game.

 Log:  Added unlim. lives  option, gamex - weird IKBD reading code in game. Works  from hard drive, any TOS, ST(E), Mega ST(E), TT, Falcon. Min RAM  1MB, with Gamex 1MB too.  On TT and Falcon overscan is disabled - against crash, but play screen is unchanged. Cat: M5IF.