Xenon 2   screenshots, download

  xen2t.png  xen2g.png


One of the best scrolling shooters at all. Great looking graphic, lot of enemies, weapons, add ons without slowdown.
Technical: TOS independant. Joystick control.

Log: Packed, except levels - already packed. Launcher with RAMtest, MSTE, Falcon, TT settings, gamex (if 2MB or more). Photochrome pic conv. of coverscan. Fixed PSG sample play for Falcon at start. Added trainer options. Uses RAMDisk for levels (original on floppy 2). Cat: M5FI .

DL - with trainer options  - 2MB RAM min with gamex.  Playable normally with 1MB RAM. From hard disk, floppy. Any ST, STE, Mega ST(E), Falcon, TT  .