23 Games on 1 DD floppy

23gmenu.png 23gark.png 23gast.png 23gbd.png 23gbo.png 23gbz.png 23gcc.png 23ghoh.png 23ginv.png 23gjou.png 23gjsw.png 23gmm.png 23gmp.png 23gmudp.png 23gpman.png 23gpacm.png 23gpng.png 23grob.png 23gsent.png  23gtemp.png 23gtba.png 23gurib.png 23gvir.png 23gxev.png

Mostly classic Atari, 8-bit conversions, but there are some longer ones too.
Original data is 3904KB, what is squized to 782KB (20%) using LZMA method.
Only bad thing with it is slow depacking. Therefore I added progress bar.

All works on ST(E) with 512 KB RAM. Uridium blit. requires blitter, others will be fine with bare ST.
I did not test all with all TOS versions, but compatibility seems very high, even with 2.06.
Some games have fixes to work on higher TOS versions - Arkanoid, Invaders ...


ST Floppy image