Boulder Dash

Construction Kit



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Publisher Author Version(s) Year Media Genre  ST  STE Falc  TT 
Peter Liepa

1987 1 floppy  Skill
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Known limitations:



ST floppy img.  Min RAM 512KB. Unlimited lives option. For more see below:

Hard disk runnable  min RAM 1M . TT+, Falc+ . Unlimited lives option.

  Boulder Dash game (original) and Construction Kit floppy image

This is made to be easier to start game, so with common
AUTO run starter will get GAME1 caves, without need to type it.
After selection - normal game or with unlimited lives.
Third option is exit to Desktop.
Then can run game launcher (BOULA.TOS) or editor
And need to select which game set to play.
Included are:
GAME1087 (from some data disk).
So, that's what need to type in when asks.
May need to backspace n or l before.
About 30 caves in all 4 games (game sets).

Single file version  Min RAM 512KB. Unlimited lives option. Can run from floppy or hard disk. Only GAME1 set. Very short. But was place for nice pic at start :-)