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Publisher Author Version(s) Year Media Genre  ST  STE Falc  TT 
Paul Thompson

1994 1 floppy  Boulder D.  +  +  +



Known limitations: 



ST image of org.  - 512K RAM min. Thanks to Franz Omacht.

Hard disk runnable  -  Min RAM 1M. TT+, Falcon +  .

Some hints for playing:
Aim of the game: collect and search items, find hidden tools and survive ;))) Solution for the first level of Herman: on start screen you see a burning flame. Move Herman beyond that flame ( not into !!!! ) and back. You will receive 1 piece like an key( hidden in the flame ) . Move the item by pushing with Herman to the right till you reach the wall. Now hold down fire button for at least 3 secs, the barrier to the right upper field opens. No, be very carefully by pushing the stones, you need at least one to explode the bomb. The bomb MUST BE positioned on the right wall to destruct them. Push one of the stones so that it is falling on the bomb. Be sure that Herman does not stand in the next of the bomb ( approx 3 movements ) while exploding. Collect all remaining items, also the key for the closed barrier on the left side, where you started. Important: the 3 items inside the exit area MUST be collected at LAST - otherwise you will get a very bad " surprise " !!! That is it, first level solved. Now enter the second level, search and tease your brain how to solve, because now there are active enemies too..... . May Herman be with you
Greetings Franz