International 3D Tennis


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Publisher Author Version(s) Year Media Genre  ST  STE Falc  TT 
Sensible SW

1990 2 floppy  Sport sim.
 * * -
GBH  Sensible SW
1 floppy
Sport sim.  * *    


Known limitations:  This game has serious problems with input handling code. May happen that joystick will work not at all, or badly.
GBH release is actually pirate crack of first release :-)



STX images Reconstructed bootsector of first floppy (was destroyed by anti-vir*s) . Second floppy is 100% org.
Works well only in Hatari 1.8 for now. The reason is not bootsector, but crappy code.

ST Floppy image  Min RAM 512K. Fixed problematic input code, so will work on all configs well. Repacked - much faster loading.

Hard disk runnable Min RAM 1M. Fixed crap code. TT+ , Falcon+ .