Tetra Quest


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Publisher Author Version(s) Year Media Genre  ST  STE Falc  TT 
Paul Frewin

1988 1 floppy  Collect, shoot ..
Soundware Int.  Paul Frewin In compilation
1 floppy
Collect, shoot     


Known limitations: 

Not limitation, but there is no flawless STX image (or SCP, KryoFlux) available. But, there are solutions lower - for those who want to play this and not to wait another 10 years for complete image. And actually there is some limitation with STX images - Pasti self + emulators which still have some floppy emulation flaws. Longer txt. in forum.



STX image of original  -  This is image of Tristar Warriors II comp. release, with 2 fixes, which make it work under usual Atari ST emulators - sure, use latest versions. Why fixes were needed ? Because poor floppy code, lack of proper testing.

ST, MSA Floppy images Combined from 2 STX images, which both have errors, luckily not on same areas. Deprotected, tested only for short. May add some trainer opts. if someone ask for - but price is testing !  :-)

ST Floppy image  Min RAM 1M. Unlim. lives. Exit to Desktop. This is actually HAGA v. on floppy.

Hard disk runnable  Min RAM 1M. Unlim. lives. Falcon+, TT+  . HAGA system, so works with any hard disk driver, 1GB Falcon partitions, lot of RAM occupied.