To Be On Top


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Publisher Author Version(s) Year Media Genre  ST  STE Falc  TT 
Rainbow Arts

1988 2 floppy  Rock star !



Known limitations:  Original fails on TOS 2.06 (and maybe some other TOS v.)  - silly bug in bootloader.

Copy protections: track 25 of flo1: text pattern in gap. Track #1 of flo2: higher bitrate, with some patterns in gaps. Actually, most of is with higher bitrate, because 5632 data bytes/track.



STX imgs. of org. Min RAM 512KB. This is patched - corrected bootsector bug, so works on any TOS. On Falcon, TT will fail because copy protection. And track img. of flo2, track #1 is corrected too, little - because current Pasti.dll handles it not well. Otherwise. it is exact copy of original. If you know better, please let me know.

Floppy image - later ..

Hard disk runnable  Min RAM 1M. TT+ , Falcon + .