Who cracked what ? Were they useful for game sales ?  This is at edge of absurdness, and honestly I don't care at all for who cracked what. In any case, what you may see in intros and messages of crack versions is very unreliable. Here is one example, taken from code with hex-viewer, and I saw hunderts of similar :
"  Fuck off Vapour, I will recognise this crack if (when) you rip it off !! If your original supply is so good, how come you steal most of your cracks from me, The Replicants, Empire, MCA, etc. etc. In fact, you will rip off anyone who is fast !! I think I have only seen a small number of the many things you have ripped off from various people.... 'cause your menu's simply do not spread outside of a small circle of narrow minded lamers !!!       Bye bye.....  ZIPPY "
Someone sane should expect that who is deaf on copyright and game developer's appeals will listen to another pirate ? LOL .