Atari ST 'big' forums misery
   Yes, we have 2 'big' Atari ST and family (STE, TT, Falcon) forums - most visited, most posts. In En. lang. , atari-forum and atariage. So, quantity is there. What about quality ?  I see there plenty of threads with not so hard questions, but replies, answers often are really poor, shallow, without good links. Yeah, can see some mentioned, commented in forum here. Could say - some bar talk level . And yes, it seems that for some talk self is most important, not accuracy, knowledge. Well, we, who do some development, programming and like - we have different priorities. Doing good, efficient SW is all about taking care about details, accuracy. Smallest error can make it not working, working bad. Plus it is very good to know TOS well - what is now much easier than in 80-es, 90-es. Thanx to literature and good pages about TOS details. Too bad that those forum repliators do not visit them much - I guess that's too hard for them - like to understand all those terms and other things. At leastt give link then - maybe some will understant it much better.

  About what forum admins, moderators care most ? I will say it after seeing lot of it:  about own ego, vanity. About same of their friends, crew people.  So, I posted my opinion about originally unfinished game Jaguar XJ220 (Core Design), what was 'completed' by someone close to one of AF moderators in 2009, and published for free. Me, unthankful persona wrote that it looks very well, but game play is not so good. And what ? That moderator wrote that I should not write such negative things in forum. Sure, forum is not for writing what people think, but to write what it's admins/moderators think that is proper there :-) It is called dictatorship, lack of freedom of speech, writing.  I don't need such forums. And funny thing is that after my PM reply it came to admin, who talked with me like some Stalin, and I was banned. But whole thruth is that I refused to obey to what admin demanded, because it was breaking of own rules.  I did not insult anyone on forum. I just wrote my opinion, and that can be like someone work 'is not so good' .  I read much-much worse comments there, but they were for 'ordinary' people, not forum staff related.  Soo stoopid.

  Then. there was another case. when I wrote about Ijor's Pasti page (yes, only 1 page, and short one existed and esists). How it lacks relevant details, should release finally some not beta version after about decade ...
And simple kicking out from forum (would not call it even ban). Typical for egoists - instead listening and maybe improve own creation  getting offended and abusing power, position.  Yeah, that's why we are now where we are. Decline of Western Civilisation.

  Cases of heavy insults and clear lies about someone's work
 Marcer wrote around 2009 how my hard disk 'cracks' caused serious loss of some hard disk data on his PC. So, he ran them with some emulator. That's simply not possible - that some Atari ST SW cause data loss on files, disk areas which are not set as emulator workspace. Concrete it can be only some DIR on PC hard disk, which is set for GEMDOS emulation, so some partition C-P for emulated Atari. And all what Atari SW can do is reading and writing to that partition. But GEMDOS type partitions can not be formatted from emulated Atari - they support only file, DIR access in them. So, whole claim about data loss is pathetic. Even if he really lost some data not related with Atari emulation that could happen only because his PC was crap. As is his knowledge, and ability to notice some reliability problems.
  Even worse is that after that D-Bug came with that my FloImg - floppy SW for Windows "can delete whole partitions
 without any sort of recovery " - really big words. But that's common when have no something intelligent to say. How can floppy SW delete/damage Windows (PC) hard disk partitions ? Again, total idiots. And it came up at atariage too. Reaction ? Nothing. Lack of knowledge, lack of care about facts, truth, what's possible. But some talked about hard disk game adaptations like all they are ULS based - typical shallowness. ULS is far from being universal ( ULS='Universal Loading System) , and there is no any support for games using TOS functions/system calls. I have mages where is more detail about it, and what is %-age of games using TOS calls . Doing support for TOS calling games is relevant factor in fact that I did most of game adapts, actually surely much more than all them together (others who worked on Atari games).  
 And for the end maybe the best: at atariage his moronhood C.J. wrote that I copied ULS 'byte by byte'  :-)  Again big words without sense and any fact. Funny to use word byte for something what has published sources (ASM) . What I saw in them is that they 68000 ASM programming knowledge, skill is not that good. I was better in it even then, with much less programming behind me than now. Everyone can check it.
  PP, October 8, 2023