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for running from hard disk, gamestate saving, TOS 2.06, Falcon, TT compatibility

   Would be good to read instructions about how to use all this in best way - on following pages. Of course stays mostly for beginners in this, with Atari ST family.

  One of things what people asked over last years was compilation of all games here, in single download - like archive with all games here. Indeed makes things faster and easier. And I made diverse compilations, over 1000 DLs of some, and sadly with very poor feedback. Here to mention that some people made self some compilations, without any asking and consulting with me. Like they made good thing. Sure - just few 'little problems' - not crediting me (who did huge work on it, thousands of hours, buying diverse equipment for testing it with real Ataris, newer storage HW, Flash cards, etc. ) .Then making really silly mistakes: like double DIRs for game - When you open DIR DEJAVU will see another subDIR DEJAVU instead files :-)  
There were 4 compilations available for DL in last year, and all they contain same games (depending on available space) - but because of TOS version differences it can not be all in just one, while keeping efficient space usage (images are of size 1, 1.6 GB, so can use them with adapters limited to 1 GB, or with 2 GB Flash cards (real capacity is always less)) . TOS 1.00-1.02 need little different partitioning, so I took effort and time to make special image for users with those TOS versions.

New images, which contain over 2000 games (all adapts I did) available, some games in multiple versions, and to add there are some game compilations too in all this - which were on floppy - like DISK15, or some other with 20 games - sure, simpler games.
There is new Game Menu, with GUI, what works in all TOS (regular and iTOS) versions. And even aka game names included in game list.
It means that there is title Driller and title Space Station Oblivion - both pointing on same DIR, because it is same game. There are about 30 games with 2 English titles - mostly US release names differ from UK, Eu releases. That will help people to easier find desired games.  And there are screenshots from games - can look them in Game menu. There is search function too.

YT demo:

Compilations available for DL:
Note: they are hard disk image files (RAW images, so 100% org content). They contain multiple partitions, like 8 - C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J . And hard disk driver with low RAM usage, optimized for specific TOS versions. You don't need to create anything on SD cards. Just to write whole image to SD card with USB reader, as image, not as simple file copy. It will of course overwrite what is there, so only write where nothing is to keep .  This mine Win program can serve: drimus.phpdrimus.php
Work under emulators:  I have bad news: recently made some tests with latest Hatari (Win v.) and Steem SSE versions. And there are problems - Steem SSE 4.1.2 works not with images above 2 GB size, and this is about 3.5 GB. In both there is unreliable work, as I see especially from area near to end of image.
I sent report to Sensei Software about it. And hope that they will work on problem(s). Today storage is cheap, so something like 7 GB SD card image file is nothing special.  So, this is not for emulators. Will it be ? Of course depends on emulator programmers, developers.

1. Special for iTOS - 1400 games + couple latest releases in 1 GB long image, so good for Mega STE internal adapter too.
Only with iTOS is possible to put so many games in 1 GB (more efficient space usage). It is with special driver too. 8 partitions. Game start menu for easier usage . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thnASI5rQ54

2. Special for TOS 1.00-1.02
. Those TOS versions are not so good with hard disks, so need special partitioning. 14 partitions, latest are empty.
About 1840 DIRs, special autoboot driver . This can be used with later regular TOS versions too.
Image size is 3.5 GB.
3. For usual TOS versions, so 1.04 and later.
2200 DIRs - some games are with multiple versions, audio track(s). 14 partitions, 2 latest are empty. Image size is  now 7 GB. So fits on 8 GB Flash cards, which usually have about 10% less capacity than indicated (what stays for other size cards too).
3.5 GB image I tested with MiSTer, and works fine. Setup is really easy - just need to rename image extension to VHD (from IMG), and use MiSTer settings menu to set it as HDD0 image.

No reason to expect that 7 GB img. will not work with MiSTer. Update: yep, some people tested, and it works well.

Screen draw in GMMJ.PRG updated, for faster work, displaying. Complete intro of 'Raj' game.

Above 4 images are hard disk/Flash card image files, with autoboot driver, so ready to use with real Ataris equipped with mass storage. And drivers used are optimized for game playing. For instance Timer-C is not used in driver at all, because some games take control over it (Space Harrier for example). Other popular drivers usually use Timer-C for time-out check. If it changes machine may stuck instead loading files from disk.
In all 4 cases partitions are DOS FAT16 compatible, so you can access them with modern OS, computers. Doing file transfers.

  YT videos of new v. of Game Menu, with info about color, B&W (monochrome) support, controls, game category. And now support for show screenshots in low, med and high res. :

In monochrome (B&W) mode:

For details, how to get link, please write e-mail (link at bottom of this page). It must contain details about your config(s). Like Atari model, RAM size, TOS version, what hard disk/Flash card adapter using. Sorry, but with Atari ST family it is much more complicated than with 8-bitters.
And must say this again:  not for current Atari ST emulators. Image with size of 3.5 GB is problem for them.

Note for those who want to put game adaptations from here on their sites, or doing some other way of distribution. Instead it, use link to this site. Ask for permission and explanations about how to use this - result of my hard work over many years. I saw really shameless things - like not crediting author of all it at all. This is not so simple as with 8-bit computer games - like just run it's file. This games were on floppies, not on tapes. Much more ways for loading, running them. Then TOS versions, how to set computer, hard disk driver, copy protections in hundreds of ways  ...
Now is trendy to make so called 'frontends' , with which can launch specific game with simple click on it's title. Actually nothing new, Gamebase (ST) did it long time ago. But with floppy images. Talking about emulators on PC, Windows .
As is stated above, it can not work just like that with lot of Atari ST games. For instance there are multiple launchers for same game in many cases. Not to mention that user should read README.TXT before starting to play.
Whole hard disk type approach is little different. Hardest part (especially in case of over 1700 games) is to open game's DIR. But really not so hard, maybe for those not familiar with GEM (what differs really not much from Windows file explorer).

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