Magic 6.20

  Magic is powerful, TOS compatible, Atari ST alternative OS. It may be used as runnable core based (MAGIC.RAM), or as ROM core based.
Best is to use ROM core based version 6.20 (latest)- it uses of course less RAM.  I took DDP based English RSC translations of German 6.20, but there was many part untranslated. Here may DL it  complete translated to English, including core translation, UK keyboard layout support and couple parts in executables ( as MAGXDESK.APP ).
In archives is ROM based core (MAGUE62.IMG or MAGUD62.IMG) - need to write them to (Flash) EPROMs . In subdir MRAM are files needed for RAM based running of MagiC - just copy them to hard disk, root of C. After running MAGXBOOT MagiC wiill activate, and will be resident until cold boot.

 Added support for autoboot from twisted IDE cable/adapter + autoboot from new ACSI-CF interface.   ACSI-CF drivers will be available soon.


MagiC on Mega STE - less free RAM, because core is in RAM.

In low res icons are colorful, but seems as not much usable for gamers - most of games work not.

  ROM based MagiC is most interesting for people with multiple TOS in machines, selectable by some switch, and especially for those who made in-circuit programmable Flash-
EPROM mod.

 Downloads:  Main Magic files + ROM image + RAM run files. ROM image is usable with machines where TOS space is at $E00000, so STE or STs with TOS 2.06 support. Works not with Mega STE. But MAGIC.RAM works with Mega STE.
2022: Just added new, updated ROM images, and they work on Mega STE too, and translation to English is complete. DL at bottom.
 No need for install. Just depack/copy all files, dirs to ROOT of C .
ACSI hard disk driver with FAT32 support. Good for Satandisk, Mega STE internal adapter and all ACSI adapters which can handle max 1GB. So, good for Steem, Hatari too - may try Magic with those emulators and real hard disk emulation.  By Hatari will need to correct ROM image header:  At pos 2 change hex. 0620 to 0206 ( otherwise Hatari will not accept image ) .
Driver uses MagiC benefit:  direct handle of DOS partitioned disks, without need for prg BIGDOS.

 DL current Magic 6.20 engl.    DL current Magic 6.20 Deutsch  -  In subdirs MOD_BOOT are versions for twisted IDE autoboot. Use only with PP harddisk drivers, otherwise use regular MAGIC.RAM.
 By ROM image files MAGUE62.IMG or  MAGUD62.IMG are with twisted IDE autoboot support.. MAGIC62D.IMG is unmodded German ROM version. MAGIC62E.IMG is translated to Englsih, with original autoboot code. If want to try in Steem set them as TOS : Options, TOS, Add - then select proper IMG file & finally 'Perform cold reset now' . Plus, will need following together with Pasti activated:
  DL harddisk image file - bootable, preinstalled  - image file with 2 partitions, driver.  May try with Steem - need 'real' hard disk emulation via Pasti. MagiC can not use Windows DIR installed as TOS partition (GEMDOS hard disk emul.) .
DL MagiC 6.20 ROM UK  With added Mega STE support, complete translation to English.
DL MagiC 6.20 ROM US  With added Mega STE support, complete translation to English.
DL MagiC 6.20 ROM De  With added Mega STE support.

  PP .  Last update:  Feb. 08. 2022 .