Atari STE and games, overview, game lists

  Games using STE enhancements :

Abrevs. :
ADMA - audio DMA
EPAL - extended palette (4096 col.)
HWS - hardware scrolling
BLIT - blitter (not strictly STE feature)
AJ - analogue joysticks

Alien Busters IV - ADMA
Alien Thing - ADMA, EPAL
Alien Thing - Expert Edition - ADMA, EPAL
Alien Thing - The Directors Cut (Demo) - ADMA, EPAL
Ancient Art of War in the Skies, The - EPAL
Another World - ADMA
Asteroidia  - ?  Should use blitter but I don't see it, and scrolling is pathetic.
Astro Panic 94 - ADMA, BLIT, EPAL

B Squad (Demo) - EPAL, BLIT
Battletris - ADMA
Battletris+ - ADMA
Beastlord  - EPAL

Cannon Fodder II (preview) - EPAL-only title pic. Pih.
Captive - EPAL
Carlos - ADMA
Chambers of Shaolin - ADMA
Chaos Engine - HWS, EPAL
Chronicles of Omega, The - HWS, ADMA
Chu Chu Rocket  - ADMA, BLIT, AJ
Creatures - ADMA

Destruction Imminent - ADMA, BLIT, EPAL
Diamond Ice - ADMA, EPAL
Dragon's Lair - EPAL
Dragon's Lair II - EPAL
Dragon's Lair III - EPAL
Dragon's Lair Escape from the Singe's Castle - EPAL

Elvira the Arcade Game - BLIT
Esprit - ADMA  (Strange that later games - Oxyd, are not STE enhanced)
Exterminator - ADMA

Final Fight - EPAL
Fire and Ice  -  EPAL
First Samurai - EPAL, intro only
Frantick   - EPAL - only title

Ghost Battle - BLIT
GodPey  - BLIT

Heartland - ADMA, EPAL

International Rugby Challenge - EPAL

James Pond - EPAL
James Pond II (Robocod) - EPAL (1c only)

Leavin' Teramis  - EPAL, intro only
Lethal Xcess  - ADMA, BLIT

Magic Boy -  ADMA
Magic Fly - EPAL - only title pic.

Nicky Boom - ADMA
Nicky 2 - ADMA
No Limit 2 - ADMA, EPAL

Oh No! Not More Radioactive Mineshafts - BLIT, EPAL

Operation Garfield - EPAL, ADMA, BLIT

Pooz - ADMA
Pouif Ouf - ADMA, BLIT
Power Up plus  - ADMA, BLIT - despite it, scrolling is awful

Robocop 3 - ADMA, EPAL
Rock 'n' Roll Clams - ADMA, EPAL, BLIT
Rubicon  - ADMA by intro

Sheer Agony - EPAL
Sliders - ADMA, HWS, EPAL
Space Ace - EPAL
Space Ace II - EPAL
Starball  - ADMA
Stone Age (rev2.1, 1993) - ADMA
Superfly - ADMA

Titan - ADMA, HWS

Ultimate 'tris Game, The - ADMA, EPAL, BLIT

Vaxine - ADMA, EPAL
Winglord - ADMA, EPAL, BLIT
Wings of Death - ADMA, BLIT
Wrath of the Demon - EPAL

Zool  - HWS, BLIT


STE only :

Alien Blast
Dynabusters+   - I guess that  + means for STE
H Mec
H Mec 2
Manga Puzzle
Pacman OE   - OE= On STE
Revenge of Mutant Camels STE v. (for STE v.)
Square Off  (1995)  + TT, Falcon
Stardust     + Falcon
Street Fighter II (B/W, Demo)
Stone Age  (rev.2, 1992)  + Falcon
Ultimate Arena, The - ADMA, EPAL, BLIT  + Falcon
Whitewater Madness
Zero 5

Enhanced scrolling updates by Zamuel_a :
Pacmania STE
Great Giana Sisters STE

Enhanced scrolling updates by Petari (me) :
Hard 'n' Heavy    +Falcon
Jinks    + Falcon

Some others can work on Falcon beside where is marked. Talking about unmodded games.


Not working on STE:
This includes not TOS version caused problems, only
games writing to bad locations.

Note:  some games may fail on 4MB machines because lame code.

Many of cracks fail on higher TOS versions, so please test with
original or Pasti images if possible.

Hyperforce - overshot in palette writing loop
Grand Monster Slam - overshot in palette writing loop
Nightdown  -  writing to Screen pointer does nothing on ST.  On STE bus error.

As TOS version caused problem good example is Defender of the Crown:  code is not ready for enhanced palette of STE, handled via XBIOS calls. If run under TOS 1.04 on STE it works fine.
How to use TOS 1.04 on STE ? See on Floppy Image Runner site.

Making complete list of originals not working on regular STE with TOS 1.06/1.62 would take too much time. I guess that over 90% works.
TOS 2.05/2.06 (Mega STE) :  I guess that success rate is under 80%. Rob Norten protections fail (placed in second FAT).

What helps in case of problem:  Try another crack. Try running from AUTO folder. Use specialised SW for setting machine to act as having only 512KB (or 1MB) RAM. Install TOS 1.04 in RAM.


  PP, August 1, 2012. - June. 2015.