TOS loaders

Purpose of this program is making possible work with diverse versions of TOS without changing (EP)ROM's in machine. 1 MB of RAM is minimum requirement for use.

Program supports following TOS versions:
TOS 1.00 US, UK and German
TOS 1.04 US, UK and German
TOS 2.06 US, UK , German, Swedish and UK 'Supertos' .

This program is freeware.

Download SELTOS.ZIP - Instructions included.

Multi TOS booter
It is similar to SELTOS, but loads TOS from bootable floppy. It is welcome for machines without TOS in ROM (only with BOOT-ROM's) like ST 260.

Download CREDISK.ZIP - 13020 bytes. All necessary to create bootable floppy is included.

Note:Google little for TOS image files - sites change often, so I will not give links here. And may save TOS of your working Atari into image file with proper proggy. It was part of Pacifist emulator package.


Pera Putnik, March 19. 1999. + later some extensions

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