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1 floppy  Adv.



Known limitations:


ST Floppy image  To solve work from hard drive use this: Floppy Image Runner.  Works in color & mono mode.

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Bpvfohj9uu wrote on: 14. May 2016, 14:31

I'm impressed by your writing. Are you a professional or just very knaloedgewble?

ZKk5Mlsi wrote on: 12. May 2016, 20:29

I concur Marie. Having your ego stroked by a patient is awesome, but there is a lot more bitching than stroking. It’s like they think that they are the only person you have to take care of. Doctors get all the glory while nurses do all the work. And don’t even get me going on being mired down in unit BS. Am I a nurse? No, but one comes home to me every morning so I kinda know wht8;#a217&s up. Keep up the good fight & know that what you do is valuable & necessary.

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