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Publisher Author Version(s) Year Media Genre  ST  STE Falc  TT 

1991 1 floppy  Ball



Known limitations:



ST Floppy image  Min RAM 512K. To solve run from hard drive use this: Floppy Image Runner

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eAsTf0jdahSJ wrote on: 11. Feb 2016, 01:35

Dear Abhiboono Bhikku, I just had a chance lienntisg to previous online episode 16 on 4 Apr 11 which you already explained ปฏิจจสมุปบาท&อิทัปปัจจยตา and etc. Satu Satu (I should have listened to them before posting the query.)BTW, with your advice not to worry with any knowledge happened during meditation, I could get back on track and feel that the meditation become better, and also more subtle than before ka. Satu Satu. As I meditate alone overseas, I can't help but may ask you question when getting stuck on practice again. Thank you so much in advance.

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