Dungeon Master


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With improved sound on Mega STE:

Publisher Author Version(s) Year Media Genre  ST  STE  Falc  TT
FTL  FTL team  1.0  1987  1 SS floppy RPG + + - -
    1.1-1.2 En, Fr, De
1987  1 SS floppy
  + + - -
    1.3 only French  1987  1 SS floppy

Known limitations: Original works not on Falcon, TT.



ST Floppy image of v. with improved audio  - STE, Mega STE only. Min RAM 1M. Faster loadings due to less packed DAT.

STX image of org. v1.2 Engl. min RAM 512K

STX image of org. v1.3 French min RAM 512K

ST Floppy image of hacked Engl. v1.1 min RAM 512K  - 4 gamesave slots. Faster loading due to less packed DAT.

Hard disk runnable versions here  Falcon, TT support too.