Dungeon Master   screenshots, download

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With improved sound on Mega STE:

Don't watch if want to figure out yourself how to finish :

French v:

  Most popular ST game. RPG with 4 players .  TOS dependant, mouse and keyboard control.

 Log: Src. STX img of org. V1.2 Deprot, div. fixes , etc. Works under any TOS, on any ST(E), Mega ST(E), TT, Falcon. From hard disks or floppy. Min RAM is    1MB .   Added some cheat options. Apr. 2013 : fixed bug with possible errors after running saved gamestate.

DL ADMA v.  With improved sample playback - via STE (compatible) DMA audio. Only STE, Mega STE, TT, Falcon. Min RAM 2MB. With HAGA, 2 cheat modes selectable.

DL V 1.2H  with HAGA, 2 cheat modes selectable.

DL French v1.3b  with HAG2 .

DL French v1.3b with optional cheat  

Older versions:
Already very well made hard disk runnable adaptation (by Ronald Andersson aka dlanor) further improved. Now it can be started right from Desktop, no need for AUTO folder run ! All gamesave files go in same DIR as game executable. After finishing play, and selecting: Quit Game or Save and Quit, it will return to Desktop. Tested on ST, Mega STE, Falcon. Cheat mode option: by first skill level gain character will become very powerful, so after little sleep may play much easier. Patched some Timer C problems - for compatibility with Hddriver . Latest update: repacked GRAPHICS.DAT with DMExtract by Paul Gross - now levels load much faster - in few seconds ! PP, Febr, 2009

Download V1.1  4 gamesave slots.

DL V 1.2G  with gamex, 2 cheat modes selectable. Added on Dec. 2011.

The spells