Great Giana Sisters

153, 233, 173

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Publisher Author Version(s) Year Media Genre  ST  STE Falc  TT 
Rainbow Arts
Time Warp

1987 1 floppy  Platform
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Known limitations: 

This game was in sale only few weeks, because Nintendo stopped it - similarity with Mario ...
So, it is very rare.  If you have original, maybe to make Pasti image of it and post to Atarimania ?



ST image  Min RAM 512KB. Fine scroll on STs with blitter - Mega STs, and STE machines, of course. On STs without blitter normal game play with skip. Single sided floppy. Unlimited lives, selectable start level.

MSA image  Min RAM 512KB. Unlimited lives opt.  Only 512KB RAM needed. Works with single sided floppy too. If have 2 sided drive, will see cover pic in HiColor before game.

Hard disk runnable  Min RAM 1M.  Unlimited lives opt. TT+, Falcon + .

Both above is tested until end - complete.

STE enhanced  Scrolling v. done by Zamuel_a . Req. STE with 1 MB RAM min. 1MB update (worked with min 2MB) and cheat + highscore save fix by me.

STE enhanced with audio track  5 MB. Scrolling v. done by Zamuel_a, enhanced with audio track playback by me. STE with ACSI or IDE adapter, Falcon with IDE, and 1 MB RAM min. Possible playing of users custom audio tracks. Unlimited lives, selectable start level.

More hard disk versions  Blitter fine scroll, for Falcon, TT too . Maps for all levels.