B.A.T.  II    screenshots, video, download

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 RPG in huge future interplanetar world. Great graphic . TOS independant, mouse  control.

Added gamex, deprotected. Works on all ST(E), Falcon, TT with min 2MB RAM.  5 floppy game, with lot of swaps, so hard disk adapt. is welcome.
Read usage for succesful run on Falcon, emulators Steem and Hatari .
English & French versions.
Vectronix release ( "Elite crack" - wrong - can they read ? ) :  most of files in is corrupted (talking about what circulates on WEB). Creation crashes, worst: Game can be started but later may stuck and similar. Bastard release seems OK, and is used here for french v.  This is what we have mostly on WEB with Atari stuff: bunch of unchecked, wrong sized floppy images, often with incorrect cracker info. Everyone just collects, copies - but checks or even plays not .  Quantity over quality ?

Cat:  M5IF . 

Download - english

Download - french

Download docs