Cannon Fodder    screenshots, download
2 versions - original and with audio track playback

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Popular late Atari ST game.  TOS indep, mouse  control .
Src: STX imgs. of org. + MP3 files, videos  online .  Fixes save/load support, etc. Works on all ST, STE, Mega ST(E), TT, Falcon ,  from hard disks. Min RAM 1MB. Exit to Desktop and statesave options.  Level skip option.
Special version with audio track playback during intro and gameplay - read README.TXT for more, requirements, how to solve possible problems.
Optional usage of user's custom audio files - may replace supplied ones with your own music files: 
Format must be:  25033 Hz sample rate, stereo, 8-bit signed, RAW . Easy to convert into with Audacity. Just set Project Rate (Hz) to 25033 when start.
Length may be between 100KB and 510MB - so over 2 hours :-)

Cat: M5IF .

Download  Regular game. Works on ST, STE, TT, Falcon ...  1MB RAM min.

Download  12 MB . With improved music. Works on STE (ACSI or IDE), TT (ACSI), Falcon (IDE) .   1MB RAM min.