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 One of the bests - true classic.  TOS independant,  mouse  control.

Deprotected, added gamex. Works on all ST(E), Falcon, TT with min 1MB RAM. From hard disks/flash cards, with PP, AHDI, Hddriver drivers. With min 1 MB RAM gamex.
Ingame save/load works from hard disks, by using floppy image file (ST format) - so, may use old saves. Look README.TXT for more details ...
Works well on Falcon, only briefcase (laptop) opening seq. is bad.  TT: flawless.
Visit  Captive site for lot of info about, some tools etc.

Cat:  M5IF . 

Download Gamex v. Min RAM 1 M .

Download HAGA v. Min RAM 1 M .