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 Fat beerdrinkers are cool :-)  
Technical: TOS indep. Joystick control.

Log:  Deprotected, added gamex, depacked intro for better playback etc. Src:  STX images. Unlimited lives or health option.  Works on ST, STE, Mega STE, TT, Falcon .  Min RAM 1MB. 
2 launchers in archive:  'classic' Gamex  and  new, more compatible, HAGA (Hard disk GAming) system based. This is early development release, but you can already saving gamestates on your hard disk. Start with RUNME.TOS (works with any decent hard disk driver, so ICD Pro too, 1GB Falcon partitions).  During gameplay press F9 to exit to Desktop - it will not save gamestate, and can not use GXUT with this,  For gamestate save, press F8 during gameplay - it will save on disk in aprox 2 secs (depending on disk speed), then continue play,  or exit with F9.   
Filename is in range GS00.TOS-GS99.TOS, with autoincrement . Yes !  Snapshot is runnable . Doubleclick on it, and in 2 secs you are in game, at same pos where saved.
You can even add comments in snapshot files - usage is easy :  hold down Left Shift and doubleclick on snapshot file. Then may enter some shorter comment. When typed all, press Enter for finish & save. To view comment hold down Right Shift and doubleclick on snapshot file. It will show comment + HW on which snapshot is made , with TOS version too.   CAT: M5IF .