Corruption   screenshots, video, download

corruptiont.png corruptiong.png corruption2t.png 


  Acclaimed Magnetic Scrolls adventure. TOS dependant, mouse control.
  Added gamex. Works on all ST(E), Mega ST(E), TT, Falcon. 1MB RAM min. with Gamex. 
  Works in both color and monochrome modes. But on Falcon color mode works well only on TV or RGB monitor. Because of tricky ST low - ST med. res switch on-fly fails on Falcon VGA. On TT is OK.
  To show graphic pull down menu bar with pressed right mouse button.

Download - Corruption only - V 1.00 .

  Later version of game, together with 2 other :

Download - Magnetic Scrolls compilation, WIMP versions of Fish, Corruption & Guild of Thieves . C-M on all ST and compatibles.