Dan Dare 3    screenshots, download

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Escape man !
Technical: Little TOS dependant. Joystick control.

Log:  Launcher with RAMtest, MSTE settings, gamex. Needs 1MB or more. GOS 1.04 with Hddriver support, Timer C fix. Works now on Falcon too. Added infinite lives option. Cat: M5TL . Tested with Satandisk on Mega ST, using Hddriver 7.80. With AHDI 6.04.  + on Falcon, see below.

Notes to Falcon users:  Now works with IDE and SCSI hard disks. Max partitions size usable is 512MB, as GOS is based on TOS 1.04 core. Tested with Hddriver 7.80 and 4GB SCSI drive. With AHDI & Fujitsu IDE drive, with CF card of 2GB with mine drivers.