Day of the Viper   screenshots, video, download 

dayofvt.png dayofvg.png


Mission on spaceship .  TOS dep,  mouse control .

Log: src. STX imgs. of org. - fixes, etc . Works from hard disk on all ST(E), Mega ST(E)
, TT, Falcon, any TOS,  with min 1MB RAM.  Unlimited health option.
This one is first, after some 900 games, where I did not Gamex/HAGA type  Exit to Desktop and state save options - because it has some extremely lame IKBD - so mouse, keyboard reading code. Returning to game after state save results with freeze. No time to deal with - should rewrite complete imput handle code, what is long.  Certainly last one where I did it not.   Ingame disk saves work, so you can save progress.

Cat: M5TPL.