Dyter-07  screenshots, download

dyter7t.png dyter7g.png dyter7g2.png dyter7e.png dyter7c.png   



Heli game with some hor. then vert. scrolling + beasts .  TOS indep, joystick control.
Src: STX imgs. of org. Deprot. man. pr. , fixes, repacking, etc. Works on all ST, STE, Mega ST(E) , TT, Falcon,  from hard disks, floppy. Min RAM 1MB. Exit to Desktop, unlim. power + cheat mode activating, and statesave options.
This game has serious bug at final level - original crashes, so can not finish. I added workaround for it, and you can finish this v. There will be less enemy at final stage, because bug is in their control.
Cracks around ? What I checked : MCA and FOF - both crash much sooner, after first stage. Testing was not trendy those days, it seems :-)
Cat: M5IF .