Elvira II  The Jaws of Cerberus   screenshots, download

 elvira2h.png elvira2t.png elvira2g.png


Probably the largest ST game - 7 DS floppies.    TOS  dep,  mouse control .

Log: src. STX imgs. of org. Creating large virtual
floppy file, etc.   Works from hard disk on all ST(E), Mega ST(E), Falcon. TT , any TOS,  with min 1MB RAM - simple hard disk version. HAGA v. needs 2 MB RAM min.

Cat:  M1TPL . 

Download HAGA v.  2MB RAM min - use HAGA statesaves with this .

Download simple hard disk install v.  1MB RAM min . Disable CPU caches on TT, Falcon before run.