Microprose F1GP     screenshots, download

f1gpt.png   f1gpc.png   f1gpg.png


  Download Gamex version -  1MB RAM only needed.  - updated for TT, ingame save/load works with hard disk, and you can use your old data save floppy after imaging it. See readme.txt for details.
 Download old RAMDisk version -  2.5MB needed     Download version for loading from floppies if have no hard disk - 2.5 MB

Log: Fully deprotected.  Launcher with RAMtest, TT, MSTE, Falcon settings, Gamex if 1MB or more. Photochrome pic conv. of coverscan. Tested on Mega ST with Satandisk and Hddriver 7.80 . On Mega STE with SCSI  & CF card & mine drivers (fastest).  On Falcon with CF cards, IDE & SCSI drives of 4GB, with AHDI 6.04 & Hddriver 8.23. On TT with Hddriver 8.23, PP drivers, SCSI, UltraSatan disks.
With TOS 1.04, 1.06, 2.06, 4.02.  Cat: M5IF .