Falcon    screenshots, download
with both Mission Disks

falcont.png falcr.png falcms.png falcarm.png falcto.png falc1t.png falc1m.png falcair.png falc2t.png falc2m.png


FalconM1.jpg FalconM2.jpg

  Probably most popular fighting flight sim. for ST. With both Mission Disks.  TOS dep.  , mouse, keyboard, opt. joystick control.

 Log: Src. STX  imgs. of orgs.  Usual things for HD -  savestates, deprot, fixes,  packing, Desktop exit .   Works under any TOS, on any ST(E), Mega ST(E), TT, Falcon. From hard disks or floppy. Min RAM is  1MB .    Hiscores and Roster go on hard disk.
 CAT: M5TL for Base and MI1, M5TPL for MI2  .