Helter Skelter (1990)   screenshots, download

heltst.png  heltsg.png


For those who complain that I don't credit "established sceners" :


Interesting and original game. Improved 1990 version. Beware that all cracks circulating on WEB named as 1990 are actualy older, 1988 version ! And 'patch' made by "we write the rules" crew is useless - see video above.
Technical: TOS indep. Joystick control.

Log:  Packed, fixed bad crack. Launcher with RAMtest, MSTE, TT, Falcon settings, 'related' music, Works on all ST(E), Mega ST(E), TT, Falcon machines. From hard disk or floppy.  Min RAM 1MB, with Gamex too.   Photochrome pic conv. of coverscan, trainer options.    Cat:  S5I .