Highway Encounter   screenshots, download

 highwet.png highwel.png highweg.png

Cassette inlay scan of Spectrum 48K version :


After many years, it is finally published. Thanx to Tomaz Kac for this. Marked as demo version, but it seems pretty playable. What I observed is that save/load in editor works not at all.

 Technical: TOS indep. Joystick, keyboard control.
 Log:  Packed, added invulnerability and unlim. time options. Works  from hard drive, floppy. Min RAM 1MB, with Gamex 2MB.  Cat: S1I.

 Table with max RAM allocation sizes, depending on total RAM in machine:

Total RAM in machine:
Max RAM allocated
at launch:
Works not at all
Without Gamex, ~500KB
2 or 2.5 MB
4MB or more