Iron Lord   screenshots, download

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Medieval adventure with some skill, combat parts/tasks.
TOS  dependant. Control with joystick.

Log:  Src: STX images of French and English versions. Replaced some bad files, deprot, fixes, hack to make possible finishing, etc. Desktop Exit, statesaves, trainer options.
Works on all ST, STE, Mega ST(E), TT, Falcon computers, any TOS. Min RAM 1MB. From hard disks, or floppy (HD) .
Cat: M5TL .

Possiible bug in final level of game. See more here: Iron Lord site  - but Atari ST version is different, especially maze section.

Download  - English v.  On July 17 2012. added more trainer options + hack to make possible finsishing game.

Download  - French v.  Trainer options + hack to make possible finsishing game.

For floppy versions (En. + Fr. , single floppy) + about game bugs, bad files is Action16 release, etc.  go here:  ST Game Archive