Metal Mutant   screenshots, download

 metalmt.png metmuti.png metalmg.png metmutg.png


 Interesting game, but pretty hard too.  TOS dep. Joystick control.
 Log:  Src.: STX imgs. of org., Engl. v. Hard part was doing power cheat. If it is activated, score stays at 0 - actually good for cheat mode. Works on all ST(E), Falcon, TT, from hard drive, floppy. You can use your old statesave (load with 'SAVE' - little confusing). Game has some autosave of pos, or like - but here it works likely not. Use HAGA statesaves for saving your progress - at least it works always.  Min RAM 1MB. May play in color or monochrome (
ST high-res) modes . Short manual included.
Cat: M5TPL .