Princ of Persia   screenshots, download

 princofpt.png  princofpg.png


With improved audio:

Game finish on Atari Falcon:

Nice animation, graphic.  TOS dep. Joystick control.

Deprotected, added Gamex, fixed to run from any dir, higher TOS version problems solved (GOS4) . Runs on any ST(E), Falcon, TT,  from hard disk. Min RAM: 1MB, with gamex 1MB. But 2MB is recommended - then sound is better.  Trainer option, selectable start level. Added slowdown on TT, so is well playable . Checked, played until end - OK. Cat:  M5TPL .

Download with improved sound for STE, Mega STE, TT, Falcon. Min RAM 2MB. Trainer options, selectable start level.

Older versions with original audio:

Download  min RAM 1MB.

Download TT compatible v.  - 2MB min, runs on ST(E), Falcon too .