Pro Tennis Tour   screenshots, download

prottt.png prottg.png


Good Tennis sim. .  TOS independant,  joystick  control.

It had pretty good protection  - Deprotected, added gamex. Works on ST, STE, Mega ST(E), TT, Falcon  with min 1MB RAM. Works on color and monochrome monitors too.  Beside good protection it had some bugs too.  The result of bug in graphic code was working not on TT with only 2MB ST RAM.  It causes bus error when try to access RAM area between
2MB-4MB on TT (with 2MB ST RAM only). On normal ST(E) no bus error occurs, even if no RAM there.   I fixed this bug, so game works on 2MB TT too.  I'm sure that similar exists in other games, but hardly will happen that I will struggle with all them ...

Cat:  M5IF .