SWIV    screenshots, download

 swivt.png swivg.png swivg2.png 


Smooth load with PP hard disk driver.                    With regular hard disk driver.

Top quality shooter with many levels.  TOS indep, 1-2 joystick, keyboard  control.
Src: STX img. of org.  Deprot, fixes, packing, etc. Works on all ST, STE, Mega ST(E) , TT, Falcon,  from hard disks. Min RAM 1MB.  Exit to Desktop and statesave options. Unlimited lives option. Tested until end - complete.
Game works better on faster machine like Mega STE at 16 MHz - no slowdowns.

Cat: M5IF


Download  special version for Ataris with 1MB - better load during game, but only with PP hard disk drivers.