Terminator 2  screenshots, video, download 

term2i.png term2t.png term2g.png


Movie based, with nice graphics.  TOS indep,  joystick control .

Log: src. STX imgs. of org.  Deprot, repacking, trainers for all levels. Works from hard disk on all ST(E), Mega ST(E)
Falcon, TT, any TOS,  with min 1 MB RAM. 

Cat: M5DFC. 

Download  Hard disk v.  Min RAM 1 MB .

Download  RIA v. Needs iTOS.  Min RAM 1 MB . Better packer, faster loads, at price of little more RAM .

Download  RIA v. Needs iTOS.  Min RAM 512 KB . Original packer, slower loads .

All versions with trainer opt.


All picture files of game:

T2PI1/40A1F.png 47B15.png 4291F.png 4481A.png  

 Yes, some pictures are in 2 files, some are with only minor differences.