Uridium (improved) screenshots, video, download

uridt.png uridosg.png uridbsg.png 


Final update

Uridium for Atari ST was not popular - maybe this will be played more .   TOS  dep,  joystick  control .

Log: src. ST img. of crk. Packing, disassembling, fixes, blitter scroll, faster controls, better RAM layout, etc..   Works from hard disk on all ST(E), Mega ST(E), TT , any TOS,  with min 1MB RAM.
Cat: M5TPL . 
This is improved. 2 launchers: one with original scroll, and other with blitter aided fine, fast scroll (where full width is used too). In both controls are much faster, so manoeuvrability is much better. I finished all 15 levels relative fast.

Download Selectable start level and unlimited lives opts.

Download v. with audio track playback Min RAM 1M. For STE, Mega STE, Falcon only. 2 tracks included, but you may create own tracks too.  Selectable start level and unlimited lives opts. 13MB.

Blitter versions updated at March 26 2017 - further code improving, better speed, sprite draw. Final update most likely.

Level maps