Wolfenstein 3D   screenshots, download

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This game is intended to play from hard disks. An unofficial and unfisished port for Atari  ST(E), Falcon. What I did is mostly bug fixing and alloving saving of gamestates.
Possible problems with game: works not with Hddriver and other hard disk drivers.   Loosing controls.  Desync on TV/monitor as it sets 60 Hz refresh rate. They are fixed.
As stays in DOCs, some levels work not - it is of course not fixed.
If have 2MB RAM may play only without savestates. Then run with START2M.TOS .  Game will run with 50 Hz refresh rate - if PAL TOS is used.

With 4MB of RAM run with START.TOS . There is option to break/exit game in any moment with key F9, and then possible to permanently save gamestate with GXUT204.PRG . Gamestate files are 2MB long, as game needs 2MB RAM. Added Falcon sound fix too - music worked, but sound effects of game not. I don't know is it only problem with TOS 4.02 ?
Namely lack of setting STE DMA audio mode before game start.
Added unlinited health option .   Cat:  M2TPL .