IDE interface scheme

Note: Instead 74LS03 you may use any OC inverter. Instead 74HCT245 -74LS245 will be OK.
Interface will work even without this two bus driver (then connect D0-D15 directly), what is recommended with short IDE cable.

Lines CE1 & CE2 are for optional TOS 2.06 ROM chips, in ST machines. This is for solution with 4 pieces of 27512 EPROMs.

Of course all capacitors are ceramic, and must be soldered shortest possible.
+5V on pin 20 is standard now for supply power to CF and IDE-Flash disks - it simplifies connection.

GAL listing  JEDEC file

There is a little simpler version of this interface - with GAL16V8, without 74HCT245 line drivers, and for 2 chip TOS 2.06 (optional): GAL listing with 16V8  JED file