Pretty complex RPG, based on TV serial and Captive engine .   TOS independant, mouse control.

 Added gamex, decrypted, deprotected
. Floppy loading system of game is real nightmare .  Works on all ST, STE, Mega ST(E), TT, Falcon  with min 2MB RAM.
 Ingame save/load works not - and works not with original floppy version too (at least it worked not for me at all). Therefore use gamex for saving progress.
 This game is advertised that works with 512KB RAM, limited. So, I gave 1MB RAM for game in this adapt, what is reason for 2MB RAM min. Plus, it may happen that game crashes right after aborting intro if only 512KB RAM (for game) is available.
Some maps and solution, manual included.
Cat:  M1IF . 

Download page with screenshots, video,  ...