Space Ace   screenshots, videos, download

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  Download Min RAM 1MB

 Download Min RAM 512 KB. Needs PP iTOS

 Is it game or cartoon ? Judge yourself...  Indeed needed hard disk adaptation (fix).

Technical: TOS indep. Joystick, keyboard control.

Deprotected, redirected background floppy load to hard disk with read ahead cache. Added auto-play, unlimited lives options.  Runs on any ST(E), Mega ST(E), TT, Falcon, from hard disk only . Min RAM: 1MB.

Update, Jan 2012:  New system, compatible with all hard disk drivers, 1GB Falcon partitions. Run with RUNME.TOS .
There is exit to Desktop too, but no savestates - what is not planned for games like this.

  Cat:  M5IF .