Atari ST software by P. Putnik

  Somekind of reminder, what Atari ST SW I done in over 20 years...

 COPYACC,  1988    copyacm.png   caccmap.png

 Filecopy program with RAMDISK, good for machines with only 1 floppy drive. Fast work - done in ASM with low level FDC access, cashing of floppy system area. Extra functions are formatting, disk map show, with file allocation displaying too.

EPROM programming for programmer device at cartridge port, 1988.  No pic. Not much used, as made later better programmer.

TRACC, ~1990   traccc.png

Diskcopy program, for copying whole floppies. Extra is detection of sectors on tracks, data compression. Uses own format of image files.

EPROM programming for device at parallel port, 1992.   eprpew2.png


For 32 pin EPROMs too. Later made versions for Flash EPROM programming. With viewer/editor/search of content.

FIRDC   file, RAMdisk, compressor, 1990  firdc.png

Hard disk driver for PC DOS partitoned drives on Atari, 1998
Only CHS code, no LBA. Requires BIGDOS.

SELTOS,  RAMTOS, 1999-2008.    seltos.png

Allows usage of different TOS version, without replacing ROM chips. Price is some occupied RAM. Based on relocation of long addresses, it needs seeking and making table for each TOS version separately...

Floppy Formatter, 2006.   ff09.png

Versatile floppy formatter, with lot of settings and options.

Image Runner, 2007.   imgr1.png

For users with hard disks on their Ataris - allows running of games from floppy image files without writing them onto floppies. There is a newer version, with easy usage, using some ROM code, so we have separated versions for different TOS versions.

Movie player, 2007-2010.   lavpu1.png

This is more just some experiment, not serious movie player. As ST machines are pretty slow for any complexer decompressions, it works with prepared, uncompressed streams. Anyway, Atari STE is capable to play 320x200, 16 color video with audio at 25 fps. Just needs fast hard disk+driver, with rate of at least 1MByte/sec .

TOS ROM splitter, 2008.   romspl2.png

Splits Atari TOS ROM image files in parts used by EPROM burners. New feature is CRC checksum recalculation and fixing for TOS 2.06 in case of some modding, patch.

TRACC - new version , 2007-8.   tracc09.png

  New version of Trackcopy program. It now supports common floppy image formats as ST and MSA. + allows view, changing content, extracting files from floppy image files. It is solved via special RAMdisk, which may be filled with floppy image file (content). Or with floppy content by reading it into RAM. Because of support for larger capacity floppies up to 960KB it requires 2MB RAM min. Now Falcon compatible.

Diverse hard disk drivers, spp7.png

With partitioner - under development, but there are some free, older versions...

There are some small programs too, mostly of testing purpose, as Hard disk speed ( actually data transfer
rate, access time) testers, floppy RPM measuring.

  PP, Okt. 2008.

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