This page/section is dedicated to good old SW for Atari ST computers and compatibles - STE, TT, Falcon.
The goal is to provide useful informations for people wanting to run old SW on real Atari machines or in emulators. To provide SW, mostly games self in new approach, not much present online, despite it is year 2013. Instead hosting a lot of floppy images of diverse, unchecked cracks, which are made mostly decades ago, with possible errors, low TOS v. compatibility, missing parts, slow depacking, etc,  here we host checked stuff, without cracker intros - we want games self here, in form close as possible to originals. So, no cracker blah, spoiled screens and similar. For most of titles STX (Pasti) images are available, then deprotected floppy version, with possible bugfixes, better TOS v. compatiblity, trainer options. And of course, versions for hard disk owners, what usually can play on TT and Falcon too. Storage is cheap now, so packing is not relevant - we prefer faster work instead.
There is not too much DL-able so far - all it takes lot of time. You want more ? You want be sure that all here is flawless ? Then don't just DL, complain on Atari forums. Contribute: write in e-mail or site's forum about problems encountered. Test games thoroughly. Check missing Pasti lists here and at Atarimania, and image if you have something. Someone will find it useful certainly, as you found and may find in future someone others submission(s). Thanx :-)

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Name Publisher Year Author Alt. name Genre DL Note Rt
Alcantor Lankhor

Arc. adv.

Alcatraz Infogrames

Fight, strat.

Alcon Taito


ALF : The First Adventure Box Office
Frank Haug

Pacman clone

Alien Blast -


Alien Busters IV -
Daniel Fielding

Shooter, multip

Alien Storm US Gold


Alien Syndrome Softek


Alien Thing

Alien Thing : Expert Edition

Alien Thing : The Directors Cut (Demo)

Alien World HiTec



Alpha Snake

Alpha Waves Infogrames
Christophe Dinechin

3D platform


Alpine Games

Altered Beast

Alternate Reality : The City US Gold

3D adv.


Amazing Spider-Man, The Empire


Amazon Audiogenic


Amberstar Thalion
J. Horneman


Ammotrack -

3D shooter


Ancient Art of War in the Skies, The

Ancient Battles

Ancient Games

Andes Attack




Angel Nieto Pole 500

Annals Of Rome

Another World Delphine
Eric Chahi

Adv. shooter


Apache Flight Atlantis
Minds I


APB : All Points Bulletin Domark



Aquanaut Addictive Games


Aquanaut (Sewer Soft) Sewer
Sewer S.


Arcade Fruit Machine

Arcade Mania

Arcade Trivia Quiz


Archer MacLean's Billard Americain

Archer MacLean's Pool

Archipelagos Logotron
Paul Carruthers

3D skill

Arctic Fox

Arctic Moves

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Abbrevs: IR+ means runnable with Floppy Image Runner. HDI+means that is hard disk installable - then copy files from floppy (image) in some DIR on your hard drive/flash card. This is in case that no separated HD runnable DL with files self in ZIP.
Latest updates:

Football Simulation - Flo. By Sport Soft
Derrick the Droid - Flo, trainer
Domain - Flo, all TOS v. Trainer
Adibou - Flo, HD. In French l.
Rune - Flo, HD. In French l.
Motorbike Madness - Flo, HD. - Fix for all TOS v.
Wild Streets - Flo, HD. - complete, Tr.
Shoot the Moon - Flo, HD. - fixed, Tr.
Hardball - Flo, HD. - fixed sound
Football Crazy - Flo, HD. - fixed
Boulder Dash - Flo, HD. Tr. Ck.
Bubble Bobble - Flo, HD.
Chaos Strikes Back - Flo, HD, ADMA, Tr.
Debut - Flo - half MB, HD.
Spy vs Spy - Flo , HD.
Pang - Flo - STX, ST. HD. Tr. ,Sel. start lev.
Spook - Flo, HD, Tr. .
Geofran - Flo, HD, .
Crack Down - Flo, HD, Tr. .
Other Place - Flo, HD .
Karateka - Flo, HD, Tr. .
Caves of Rigel - Flo, HD, TOS v. fix, compile .
Blockbuster - Flo, HD, TOS v. fix .
Oo-Topos - Flo, HD .
Nine Prnces in Amber - Flo, HD .
Sword of Kadash - Flo, HD .
Wizard Warz - Flo, HD .
Prime Time - Flo, HD. All TOS v.
Ms.Pac - Flo, HD. Tr.
Mrs Munchie - Flo, HD. Tr.
Downhill Challenge - Flo, HD. TOS compat. fix.
Mad Flunky - Flo, HD. TOS compat. fix.
Elf MV - STX, Flo, HD.
Dragon Ninja - Flo, HD, fixed compat.
Terminator 2 Flo, HD, trainer.
Llamatron - Flo, HD, Tr.
Glad Killing Impact - Flo, HD, Tr.
Square Off - Munzie - Flo, HD, VF
Mortville Manor - Flo - En. Fr. De.
Harley Davidson - Flo, HD, VF
Block Out - Flo, Cartridge, TOS ROM, HD
Archipelagos - STX, Flo - 512 KB RAM, HD
Alpha Waves - STX, Flo, HD, music !
Tetra Quest - STX fixed, Flo, HD, TT, Falc.
Whitewater Madness - Flo, HD, trainer.
Harlequin - Flo, HD, trainer.
New Zealand Story - Flo, HD, complete.
Warhead - Flo, HD, RIA. Only 512K for music intro enough.
Gauntlet - Flo, HD, improved.
Road Runner - Flo, HD, improved.
Sideways - Flo, HD, updated.
Swiftar - Flo, HD, all TOS versions, tr.
Race Drivin' - Flo, HD, demo and game on 1 flo.
After the War - Flo, HD, fixes, tr.
Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle - Flo
Spider-Man - Flo
Human Torch and the Thing - Flo
23 games on 1 floppy
Uridium - Flo, HD, improved scroll, speed
Dungeon Master - Flo, HD, improved audio
Prince of Persia - Flo, HD, improved audio
Prehistorik - Flo, HD, all TOS, trainers
Potsworth & Co. - Flo, HD, Trainer
Intruder - Flo, HD
Fool's Errand - Flo, HD, fix for NEW game.
Sidewalk - Flo, HD, start fix
Crystal Kingdom Dizzy - Flo, HD, joystick fix
Defender of the Crown - Flo, HD, fixed for STE
Hard 'n' Heavy - Flo, HD, fixed, fine scroll
International 3D Tennis - STX, Flo, HD, fixed
Dizzy Wizard - Flo, HD, 2 versions
Livingstone, I Presume - Flo, HD,Fixed, Tr.
Killing Machine - Flo, HD, Tr.
Tracker - Flo, HD, Any TOS
Astro Marine Corps - Flo, HD, fixes
SWIV - Flo, HD, fixes
Stormbringer - Flo, HD, fixes
SpellBound - Flo, HD, impr.
Xenomorph - STX, Flo, HD
Manix - Flo, HD
Power Drift - Flo, HD
Cybermind - Flo - TOS c. , HD
Encounter - Flo, HD
Puffy's Saga - Flo, HD
Pipe Mania - Flo, HD
First Contact - Flo, HD
Crazy Cars II - Flo, HD,Tr. fixes
Barbarian (Psygnosis) - Flo, HD,Tr.
Dark Fusion - Flo, HD, finishable
Space Harrier - 20 Level Edition - Flo, HD, any TOS
Grimblood - Flo, HD, any TOS
Spaceball - Flo, HD
Window Wizard - Flo, HiColor
Beam - Flo, HD, Tr. TT, Falc.
Star Wars - Flo, HD, Tr. TT, Falc.
Wolfchild - Flo, HD, Tr. TT, Falc.
Jinks - Flo, HD, Fixes. TT, Falc.
Great Giana Sisters - Flo (512K v.!), HD, Tr. TT, Falc.
X-Out - STX, Flo, Tr. TT, Falc.
Wanted - Flo, Tr. TT, Falc.
Cool Croc Twins - STX, Flo, Tr. TT, Falc.
Terry's Big Adventure - Flo, HD. Tr.
Spacola - Flo, HD. Tr. CodeShow.
SkyBlaster - Flo, Tr.
Dragon Spirit - Flo, HD. Tr. TT, Falc.
Titan - STX, Flo, HD. Tr. TT, Falc.
Where Time Stood Still - STX, Flo, HD. Tr. TT, Falc.
Jumping Jack'Son - Flo, HD. Tr.
Dynamo - STX, Flo, HD. Tr. TT, Falc.
Bonanza Bros - STX, Flo, HD. Tr. TT, Falc.
James Pond - STX, Flo, HD. Tr. TT, Falc.
Robocod (James Pond 2) - STX, Flo, HD. Tr. TT, Falc.
Player Manager - STX, Flo, HD. En. & Fr.
Kick Off 2 - STX, Flo, HD. TT, Falc.
Kick Off - STX, Flo, HD. TT, Falc.
Rubicon - Flo, HD. Tr. TT, Falc.
Dyter-07 - STX, Flo, HD, TT, Falc. Tr. bugfix.
Think Cross - STX, Flo, HD. Tr.
Xenophobe - STX, Flo, HD. Tr.
Rodland - STX, Flo, HD. Tr.
Monster Business - STX, Flo, HD. Tr.
Prehistoric Tale, A - STX, Flo, HD. Tr.
Zombi - STX, Flo, HD. En/Fr .
Shufflepuck Cafe - STX, Flo, HD.
Realm of the Trolls - Flo, HD. Tr.
Superhighway UK - Flo, HD. ...30 .
Albedo - Flo, HD. C-M .
Atomix - STX, Flo, HD. C-M .
Safari Guns - STX, Flo, HD. Title soundtrack.
Car-Vup - STX, Flo, HD. Tr.
Super Stuntman - Flo, HD. Tr.
Nitro Boost Challenge - Flo, Tr.
Iron Lord - STX, Flo, HD. Engl. , French .
Fire! - STX, Flo, HD. Complete.
Microprose Golf - STX, Flo - fixes, HD, TT, Falc.
Tennis/Match Point - Flo, HD, TT, Falc.
EPIC - HD, TT, Falc.

Hard disk image with 60 adaptations. Smooth load, ACSI driver, for cards of 256MB or more.

Why so few games with DL page ? Because it is not "put in everything what can find around" type. Making and testing proper game versions takes lot of time. This is long term project.
Purpose of this archive is to give for interested people usable informations and games self. No any intention to support piracy or to glorify crackers - everything here is free and if possible DL-able stuff is free of cracker's blah .
Why new site with this ? Because we need site with organised, checked content, maintained by people who know relevant things. Games self are relevant here - so no menu disks. If possible game will be DL-able as exact image of original, then image of deprotected, hacked (fixed possible game bugs), trained version  and  hard disk runnable adaptation/version if exists.
It is year 2011, and things are not same as in 1988. Then packing as much possible onto floppies was priority. Floppies become obsolete now. What we want is fast and reliable work, without floppies. So hard disk adaptations, HxC floppy emulator support is priority.
There is no need for multiple versions with only different bootsector as it is on many places now. We will put here only checked, working versions.
Some notes about floppy image formats:
Originals should be in form which can store all relevant data, so protection too. Pasti is most used in Atari ST waters, but it is far from ideal choice: not writeablo onto floppies, usable only in couple emulators and closed specs.
Many originals have no copy protection, or it is low level, so may be imaged with ST, MSA, STT format.
MSA format is best for floppies with non-standard bootsector - games where no files visible.
It would be good to have format usable with HxC floppy emulator and writeable onto floppies, even in case of protections. There is some research and work about it ....

Cases when it works not:
Sometimes game works not on certain config, or we have some issues. Usual reasons, problems:
TOS version: many game will not work on higher TOS versions, or may loose controls etc. It stays mostly for originals. For instance Copylock and TOS 2.06 may fail if floppy is with regular files - it just opens not. Here, many of such problems are fixed, and floppy, hard disk adaptations work usually with any TOS version. But still there are cases when not - changing code is not easy, and takes lot of time .
Atari STE - on HW level it is very compatible with ST. Usual reason when some game works not is the TOS version. May be bugs in games - such ones are fixed here (Grand Monster Slam, Hyperforce).
TT, Falcon : lower compatibility level. About 80% of games will work on them - it stays mostly for hard disk adaptations.
All in all, gaming is not always easy - so, please read little about how to do floppy imaging, writing, proper setting of hard disk drivers etc. On this site is lot of info about ...


Over 1500 games for your hard disk, flash card.

Atarimania - Atari ST/TT/Falcon SW and history preservation, with informations behind the games, scans, STX images. Active site.